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Different Roads, Same Destination

Drive down Main Steet in Chamberlain, Sd and on your left, a block form the end is a restored farm house. The front porch comfortably furnished, waiting for someone to relax, the railing draped with quilts.

The Quilt Shop opened for business on June 1, 2005. It all started over a conversation and an ice cream cone. Linda told Sonya that they should buy a vacant lot on Main St. Sonya asked if they could have a quilt shop. Not thinking, she said “sure”.

A neighbor’s house was aquired. Bingo there was a plan. Not a lot of knowledge about running a quilt shop, but a great plan.

We hired a carpenter, a house mover, and a basement digger. The mover did his job and left, The digger did his job and quit. We got rid of a carpenter, replaced the carpenter with a pair of Shanes who had the vision. “ We called them One and Two.” Linda said. They helped us preserve the old time look of the house, so we got along pretty well.

They’d ask Linda’s opinion in the morning and Sonya would come along and change everything. Same end result, just a different road to get there.

We tore out walls, refinished wood work and floors, learned to lay ceramic tile (once is enough), and painted and papered, in the meantime, we were calling quilters and quilt shops for advice. We are grateful to those who offered tips on the finer points of running a quilt shop and the person who helped when placing our first fabric order.

The fabric salesman had been in the business for 40 years. He thought we were way off base in our likes and dislikes. The wide variety we offer is a direct result of our disparate personalities and taste in fabric. It works for us and our customers.

We argue like sisters, but we understand each other and usually agree on what we want. We just never agree on how to get it done.

We have a long –arm quilting machine and a compuquilter to finish quilts for customers and custom orders.

While most quilt shops reflect the personality and taste of the owner in the fabric and patterns, we have more-we can’t agree so the variety is twice as good.

Stop and see us, sit on the porch for awhile, or leave your husband there and come on in and let us show you what we have and what we are doing now.

We have a nice little “husband room” too. You can give them a chair, a remote, we will give them a cup of coffee. No You Cannot Leave Them. “ Just kidding. “

All over an ice cream cone and one big dream.

The Quilt Shop
315 N. Main
Chamberlain, SD 57325
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